Legal advice for landlords information on how to evict a tenant and fast tenant eviction services across the UK.

Help 4 Landlords was set up to provide fast tenant eviction services and legal advice for landlords in need of legal assistance, such as ‘How to evict a tenant’, that’s why, unlike solicitor’s firms you can actually speak to one of our experienced consultants 7 days a week. We don’t close our doors at 5.30pm, switch on the answer machine and tell you to contact us the following working day. Our free helpline providing legal advice for landlords with information on how to evict a tenant is available for you from 9am to 8pm on weekdays and we are open on weekends too. We pride ourselves on being available when YOU need us.

We have our own in-house lawyers available to work on your tenant eviction case and for more complicated matters we use a dedicated firm of solicitors who are consistently recognised in legal publications as being one of the best firms in the country.

We do not make secret gains by charging you to call us on 084 or 087 numbers, we have a local number for you to call so the charges are minimal when you wish to discuss our tenant eviction services.

We offer an extremely high calibre of fast eviction services centred around our clients and their needs, all at a very competitive price.

Our experienced consultants are available to provide free legal advice for landlords 7 days a week, so, if you have any questions such as how to evict a tenant or urgently need our help, please call Help for Landlords on 0207 993 5085 or complete our call back form and we will call you.

Which of our services do you require?

  • Tenant eviction
  • Squatter eviction (standard)
  • Squatter eviction (express)
  • Trace your tenant/debtor
  • Trace your tenant/debtor with asset search
  • Debt recovery help for landlords
  • Free legal advice for landlords

Two Strike Action Plan

Help for Landlords tenant eviction services use a 2 strike action plan to evict your tenants, if they have not left after strike 2 we will have them removed


Fixed fee £99.00
We will check the full terms and conditions of your tenancy agreement and prepare the appropriate notice. We will also send a Pre-Action letter to the tenants informing them that they are in breach of their tenancy agreement or that you want your property back. The tenants will then have 14 days or 2 months (depending on which notice is required by law) to comply with your instructions.

At the end of the notice period we will contact you to find out whether the tenant has vacated or not, if not, please see our ‘Strike 2’ procedure..


Fixed fee £495.00 + Court fee of £355.00
We will have the court involved, we will start legal action for the tenant eviction, this will include preparing your case file, witness statement, generating all of the paper work, submitting this to the court, paying the court fee and ensuring that we successfully obtain a
fast tenant eviction possession order.

Once we have the order, the tenant is generally ordered by a judge to vacate the property within 14 days.

Eviction– Fixed fee £100.00 + Court fee of £110.00
We instruct bailiffs to proceed with tenant eviction. You or your authorised representative will need to be present at the eviction. A locksmith is also strongly recommended to attend the eviction.

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Free Legal Advice for Landlords

In exceptional circumstances, if you can provide us with evidence showing that you are in financial hardship such as a mortgage repossession looming, we may be able to provide free tenant eviction services, please call us to discuss this further. We offer free legal advice for landlords across the UK.

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one, Help for Landlords is a people’s company, we become very frustrated when we see an innocent landlord facing repossession proceedings from their mortgage lender and suffering hardship whilst their tenant remains in their property refusing to leave or pay any rent. We can take action in these circumstance, we will not sit idly by and watch innocent landlords suffer and wonder how to evict a tenant from their property. Our reputation for providing legal advice for landlords and tenant eviction services is second to none.

Need a tenancy agreement? Contact Help for Landlords and we will email a copy to you for FREE.

Did you know?

Tenants unable to pay their rent and facing financial hardships are normally advised by the Citizens Advice Bureau to remain at the rented property until evicted by court bailiffs. This is because if the tenant voluntarily leaves on the date ordered, most local housing departments will consider this to be deliberately making themselves homeless. Therefore, tenants in this position are normally advised to remain at the property until the court bailiffs arrive. Help 4 Landlords can provide legal advice for landlords who are in this situation, with a range of tenant eviction services available should you wish to take action.


Evicting a bad tenant can take up to 3 months?

This has been infuriating landlords for many years, however, as it stands this is how long a tenant eviction can take. Help 4 Landlords fast tenant eviction services keep this amount of time to the absolute minimum.

Is there a faster way?

If you urgently require possession of your property and can afford to pay more, we can make arrangements for the case to be transferred to the High Court for bailiff action, where upon a successful outcome we will instruct a High Court Sheriff to enter the property and take possession of your property. Unlike the county court bailiffs the High Court bailiffs do not require up to 8 weeks to evict your tenant, they usually attend the property within 48 hours of instruction to carry out the tenant eviction. Please be advised that this option is not always available, it is more expensive but eviction can be weeks earlier than a county court bailiff may take to evict the tenants. Help 4 Landlords provide legal advice for landlords in this situation week in, week out.

Can I recover my rent arrears after the tenant has left?

Please refer to our debt recovery page for more information.

In circumstances where you have taken advantage of tenant eviction services to successfully evict the tenant but a debt is owed to you but the location of the debtor is not known, we offer a no find no fee trace service so that we can establish the location of the debtor. We recommend that you use our trace and asset search service click here for more information, that way when the debtor is located we will also inform you of any assets owned which can be sold for you to recover your debt.

Do you have a mortgage?

If you are a landlord and have a mortgage and that property is rented, then you should have been advised by your lender that a different ‘prior notice’ ground must be served on your tenant. This applies to anyone with a mortgage and landlords would be breaching their covenant with their lender if they did not notify their tenants in writing that the property is subject to a mortgage, which was granted before the tenancy. Should the lender want (or need) to sell the property, this ground allows possession at any time through the courts. This particular ‘ground for possession’ is one of the few that can be initiated before the fixed term has expired.


A routine building and contents policy with public liability cover is not sufficient for private landlords. Landlords are advised to contact an independent insurance broker. It is also advised that landlords should always protect themselves by purchasing ‘property owner’s liability insurance’. Without it, an individual landlord may find themselves personally liable for any claims against them.

Gas Safety

  • The Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 affect every single landlord in the country and are very clear.
  • All gas appliance fitting and maintenance must be carried out by Corgi registered installers
  • All gas appliances provided by landlords must be certified safe by a Corgi registered gas engineer at least once every year.

Once inspected, the engineer will provide landlords with a certificate often referred to as a Gas Safety Certificate, which must be dated. All landlords are obliged to make sure that a valid certificate is available for all appliances and to make this available for their tenants.

Do not assume that anyone who claims to be Corgi registered is. Always check the credentials of tradespersons by calling The Corgi Association.

Failure to comply with basic safety requirements is a criminal offence. Regulation is enforced by the Health and Safety Executive who has extensive powers to fine or imprison landlords who flout this rule.