Debt recovery

debt recovery

Help 4 Landlords provide tenant debt collection and previous tenant debt recovery services for landlords across the UK.

Help4landlords provides many forms of tenant debt recovery services. Whether you are owed rent from a previous tenant, a difficult customer who is refusing to pay up or an individual who refuses to repay you at all, our professional and robust tenant debt collection and recovery services deal with all situations in a fast and professional manner.

  • We can make a claim for you even if the debt was owed five years ago.
  • If the court rules in your favour you could also be entitled to interest on top the debt owed, currently this stands at 8% per annum.


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So what types of tenant debt recovery services do Help4landlords provide?

Small Claims Summons**
– fixed fee £125.00

If you are owed a fixed sum of money up to £5,000 then this option is also available to you.

We will obtain the necessary information, prepare the claim form and issue this at court.

Letter before Action

– fixed fee £125.00*

*If the debt is £2,000 or more and is recovered as a result of our Letter before Action then we will retain 6% of the proceeds recovered.

What we do

We will write to your debtor informing them that unless you receive full payment of the debt within 7 days you will take court action against them.

After the 7 days have expired we will contact you to ask whether the debt has been paid or if there has been any progress. We will then ask you whether you would like to issue the claim at court.

The letter before action is important because if no opportunity is given to the debtor to pay the debt before the issue of court action, the court may not order the debtor to pay your legal costs.

Note – if the debtor sends you payment for less than the full debt indicating that it is in full and final settlement and you take that payment, then you will be deemed to have accepted that amount in full and final settlement and you will lose your right to claim the remaining amount or any interest due.

What now?

Get a trace and asset search conducted now.

Email us at or call our free advice line on 0207 993 6642 for further information on our tenant debt collection and recovery services.

**Before you proceed with any form of tenant debt recovery action, we advice that you have help4landlords tracing service conducted. Unless we know where the debtor lives, we cannot serve any legal documents. Also, what if we you know where the debtor lives but you do not think that there are any assets which can be sold to repay your debt? In such circumstances we recommend that you have our trace and asset search conducted, so that you know whether the debtor owns any assets which can be sold to repay your debt and if it is even worth your time and money to pursue the debtor in the first place.