No Tenancy Agreement

No Tenancy Agreement

Need to serve a tenant eviction notice? Help4Landlords can provide legal support including tenant eviction notices across the UK.


At Help4Landlords, our distinguished and increasingly essential tenant eviction services ensure that however obstructive your tenants endeavour to be, we have the know-how to successfully evict them.

Through our many years of first-hand experience, we understand what a financial and psychological struggle it can be to have a tenant living in your property who refuses to leave or pay the rent whilst you are compelled to fulfil your mortgage commitments. We have therefore devised a simple yet very effective eviction plan where we work on a strike process, if your tenant refuses to leave by the end of Strike 2, we will have them removed.

Please take your time to review our diagram and video below which we have created to explain our tenant eviction process to you in more detail.

Our Two Strike process


At Help4Landlords we use a simple Two Strike Action plan for tenant evictions, if your tenants are not out after strike two, we will arrange for a tenant eviction notice to be served and have them removed.

Strike One
Fixed fee £99.00

Strike Two
Fixed fee £495.00 + Court fee of £355.00

Fixed fee £100.00 + Bailiff fee of £110.00

What we do:

We will check the terms of your tenancy agreement and prepare the tenant eviction notice accordingly. We will also write to the tenants informing them that you have instructed us to represent you and that possession of the property is required. The tenants will then be given a fixed time in which to leave or else face legal proceedings for their eviction.

What we do:

We will issue proceedings at court for the tenant’s eviction, this will include preparing your case file, generating all of the paper work, submitting this to the court, paying the court fee and ensuring that you obtain the possession order.

After the hearing, generally the tenant is ordered to vacate your property within 14 days.

What we do:

If the tenant ignores the court’s order and refuses to leave then we instruct bailiffs to go to the property and remove them.

You or someone authorised by you will need to be present at the eviction.

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