Need help evicting squatters?
Help 4 Landlords can evict squatters from your property anywhere in the UK.

At help4landlords we specialise in evicting squatters nationwide. We appreciate what a horrible experience it can be to find that your property has been taken over by squatters, the police say that it’s not a criminal matter but a ‘civil’ one, so they can’t do anything. Need a solicitor? Book an appointment, wait until they’re available and be warned, they charge by the hour! which is generally at least £130.00 p/h plus VAT! That’s at least £2.50 a minute! Jackpot!

At help4landlords we offer a fixed fee service to evict squatters for you – so you know exactly how much it will cost, not only that but we also offer an express squatter eviction service so that you can have your property back, generally within two weeks.

Use our express squatter eviction and we will get the police involved, it doesn’t matter if they have previously said that it’s a ‘civil matter’, we will get them involved and if the squatters remain at your property we will ask the police to arrest them, where if convicted they can be imprisoned, fined, or both – sweet revenge.

So what is Squatting?

Squatting is when someone occupies an empty or abandoned property without the owner’s permission, often without his knowledge and without any normal legal right to do so.

If an occupier has no ownership documents, no lease or tenancy agreement, no record of having paid rent to a landlord, and no other evidence of occupancy rights exist, then the occupier is a squatter.

Squatters’ Rights

Squatters have rights. Squatters cannot be legally evicted from premises without a court possession order, unless they leave voluntarily or the owner secures peaceable re-entry.

Genuine squatters cannot be forcibly moved without a court order.

Evicting Squatters Quickly

It is important to remember never use force or threats of violence when evicting squatters, as this could result in the landlord getting a criminal record, it is recommended for the landlord to have a witness present at all times – otherwise it is very difficult to disprove such an accusation if this is made while trying to evict squatters.

Help4landlords’ Express Squatter Eviction

When it comes to evicting squatters, it is essential that a claim for possession is made within 28 days of the landlord becoming aware of the existence of squatters occupying the property.

When seeking a possession order to evict squatters, the landlord will need to give an undertaking to the court that:

  1. The Landlord will allow the occupier/s back onto the premises (with compensation) if the court later decides the landlord was not entitled to the order; and
  2. The Landlord will not re-let the premises, damage or dispose of them until the court makes its final decision by granting a full possession order.

If, after we have served the squatters the possession order the squatters refuse to leave, they are committing a criminal offence and can be arrested by the police. They may also be subject to a fine or imprisonment or both.

The squatters are entitled to put forward a defence at one further hearing, failing which a final Possession Order will be made.

Please be advised that the landlord wishing to evict squatters will have to provide proof of ownership of the property and the trespassers cannot show any sort of legal interest in the property (we can arrange this for you), generally land registry papers will suffice.

For both our squatter eviction services we offer a fixed fee’s, however, due to the complexity of each individual case we do not have a general one price for all service, as evicting squatters is a process that varies from case to case.

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