Tenant eviction

Need to serve a tenant eviction notice? Help 4 Landlords can provide legal support including tenant eviction notices across the UK.

Two Strikes and they’re out!

At help4landlords aim to provide you with the best advice on how to evict a tenant, the eviction process and we also use a simple 2 Strike Action plan for tenant evictions. If your tenants are not out after strike 2, we will arrange for a tenant eviction notice to be served on behalf of help4landlords and have them removed.

– Fixed fee £99.00

What we do: We will check the terms of your tenancy agreement and prepare the appropriate tenant eviction notice/s required. We will also send a letter to the tenants informing them that they are in breach of their tenancy agreement or that you simply want your property back. The tenants will then have 14 days or 2 months (depending on which notice is required by law) to comply with your instructions.


At the end of the tenant eviction notice period we will contact you to find out whether the tenant has left, if they haven’t, we ask you if you would like to go to strike 2.


– Fixed fee £495.00 + Court fee of £355.00

What we do: We will get the court involved, we will start legal action for eviction, this will include preparing your case file, generating all of the paper work, submitting this to the court, paying the court fee and ensuring that a solicitor or barrister will attend the hearing to obtain the possession order. If you cannot attend the hearing then for a fixed fee of £79 we will also prepare a witness statement for you to sign before the hearing.


Once we have the possession order, the tenant generally has 14 days in which to leave the property. If the tenant still does not leave (which is rare) we will ask you if you would like the bailiffs to evict the tenant.


– Fixed fee £100.00 + Court fee of £110.00

What we do: We apply to the court for a warrant to ask the bailiffs to evict the tenant. You or your letting agent will need to be present at the eviction. A locksmith will also be required, you can arrange this yourself or for an additional fee or we can provide this service for you.

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If you would like advice on how to evict a tenant, tenant eviction notices, and the eviction process we are here to assist those in immediate need of legal assistance, that’s why we can be contacted 7 days a week.

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What now?

You may have your property back as a result of a successful tenant eviction notice, but what if you are still owed rent? We can help, please refer to our debt recovery section for further information.

Additional services available

  • Trace your debtor
  • Trace and asset search

If you are unclear or need advice about our action plan then please call us on 020 7993 6642 where one of our experienced consultants will be happy assist you further.

Unsure about a potential new tenant?

In addition to tenant eviction notices, we provide tenant references powered by Experian. We even have 6 or 12 month rent guarantee options available ensuring that you are not left out of pocket again. Please refer to our tenant referencing section for further information.

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