Tracing tenants


Need help tracing tenants? UK tenant tracing services from Help 4 Landlords are provided on a no trace, no fee basis.

We use arguably some of the best tracing agents in the country. Whether you are searching for an individual, family member, sole trader, a company or a partnership, our tracing agents use the latest, up to date information available when tracing tenants. This ensures that when you utilise our tenant tracing services you are provided with fast, detailed and accurate results.

Our tenant tracing agents currently hold information on over 70% of UK residents, with 90% of records including a precise date of birth (which is an invaluable identifier when attempting to trace individuals).

The software our agents use when tracing tenants is updated with over of 250,000 records each month, this ensures that the most comprehensive and latest information is available.

Individual names or sole trader names can be checked through the Government’s Insolvency Register, this shows any bankruptcy or administration orders issued against the individual.

Help4landlords tracing agents have direct access to all Companies House records detailing every aspect of each company listed. This includes, but is not limited to: directors’ names, home addresses (when available) and dates of birth, trading addresses, registered offices, parent companies, named shareholders, solvency, court judgment history, winding up petitions, administration orders, liquidation details, financial risk assessment and financial accounts.

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Help4landlords’ tracing agents also have access to the following databases:

  • The Land Registry, detailing the ownership of every property in the UK
  • The BT database which is updated daily with the name of the registered bill payer, even if the number is ex-directory
  • The UK Directory Enquiry database which is updated with over 50,000 amendments every day
  • The Experian database giving details of any credit applications made for an individual and/or company at an address
  • Birth, death and marriage records for England & Wales from 1984

We provide two core tenant tracing services:

  1. Comprehensive trace – £99.00 (no trace no fee)
  2. Comprehensive trace + Asset search – £149.00 (no trace no fee)
    • This would include any properties or assets upon which to levy an Order
    • You will also receive a report whether the subject has any CCJ’s, IVA’s or is Bankrupt


When tracing tenants, we always endeavour to provide a through trace or asset search of the individual. In order for us to conduct a comprehensive search we ask that you allow up to 30 days for the trace to be conducted, although we always try to complete the process of tracing tenants before then.

It is our experience that the more information you can provide, the better and faster the chance of a successful trace.

Call us on 020 7993 5085 or email to discuss our tenant tracing services or to request a trace form to be sent to you.

What to do after you have traced the debtor? Refer to our debt recovery section for further details.